Kate Middleton tired and exhausted: the Palace intervenes to defend her


Kate Middleton would be tired and exhausted for too much work in recent months due to the separation of Meghan Markle and Harry from the Royal Family. In practice, all Sussex activities would fall on the shoulders of William’s wife.

Well this indiscretion reported by some alleged friends of Kate a Tatler, and also taken from Daily Mail, it’s a fake. He even intervened with an official Kensington Palace note to deny it.

The matter appeared rather serious and serious in the eyes of the Palazzo, if you considered it necessary to intervene to silence gossip against Meghan and Harry and unfounded rumors about Kate’s condition.

The Crown is focusing heavily on the Dukes of Cambridge who have appeared on video several times in recent months, always showing themselves positive and up to the situation. And he certainly has no intention of allowing the couple’s image to be challenged by false rumors.

Therefore in a statement released on Wednesday 27 May, the Palazzo specified that statements made to the media, without the data subjects being previously informed, sono false and inaccurate. The document refers to claims that Lady Middleton she would feel tired and trapped after Meghan’s move to Los Angeles.

But they also concern rumors about Kate’s allegedly different approach to real life than Meghan’s completely unprepared and the reason that would have led to the break between her and Lady Markle. Tensions would have caused it a pair of socks that little Charlotte was supposed to wear at Meghan and Harry’s wedding. Again it is a fake.

However, the issue cannot be said to be over. Indeed Tatler he replied to Kensignton Palace defending his article and the director said: “They knew we were working on the cover Catherine the Great, months ago we asked the Palazzo to collaborate together. It is false that they were unaware of the publication. ”

On the other hand, the Palace did not specify which reported facts were not reliable. However, he rarely intervenes in defense of a member of the Royal Family. If it did, it’s because Kate will have been upset from what has been read.

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