Kate Middleton still furious with Meghan Markle. The cause that sparked the tensions


Meghan Markle quarreled with Kate Middleton because of a pair of sockson the day of her wedding with Harry. This clash definitively marked the relationship between the two sisters-in-law, leading to the definitive breakdown of the Sussex with the Royal Family.

According to rumors reported by Daily Mail and from New Idea, tensions arose for the socks of the bridesmaids. At Harry and Meghan’s wedding, Princess Charlotte, William and Kate’s second child, played the role of the bride’s bridesmaid, together with Jessica Mulroney’s daughters.

Lady Middleton wanted to follow the protocol it provides the use of tights, even for the girls following the bride. Meghan was against it and he strongly opposed the rule that Kate wanted to impose on her.

There was an accident to rehearsals of marriage. The day was very hot and a heated discussion broke out about whether bridesmaids wore stockings. Kate wanted to follow the dress code, Meghan didn’t want to. ”

Photos of Harry and Meghan’s wedding seem to prove that Markle finally came out on top. The bridesmaids they were bare-leggedwhile at William and Kate’s wedding they had pantyhose.

Shortly after the Sussex wedding, the indiscretion of quarrel between the two sisters in law which ended with the tears of the Duchess of Cambridge. The affair, however, was silenced, until the situation became unsustainable and began to precipitate with the striking gesture of Harry and Meghan to leave the Royal Foundation. And the rest is news.

Now that the Sussex are in Los Angeles, they have tried to re-establish relationships with William and Kate through video calls for their children’s birthdays.

But it looks like Kate is still furious with Meghan, also because her and her husband’s departure from the scene poured a considerable amount of work on her. A source close to Lady Middleton has revealed that she is exhausted and can’t take it anymore. “Of course he smiles and dresses appropriately but he wouldn’t want it. She feels exhausted and trapped. He is working hard as a high-level CEO, who must be continually put into operation, without rest and holidays “.

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