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Without extenuating circumstances

Now that the restart of Italian football is finally being planned with more clarity, we are returning to speak also and mainly about the pitch.
Maurizio Sarri is still the Juventus manager; if the season had ended here there would have been no basis for judging his first year in black and white.
With the expected resumption of sporting activities, however, his bench could only be called into question by a sharp drop in results; specifically, the mitigation of the anomalous season or the long suspension for the Covid-19 emergency would be of little use because to leave the Champions League from a practically inactive Lyon for 5 months or to be replaced in the Championship by Lazio or Inter, teams that have a rose qualitatively and above all quantitatively clearly lower, it would mean not having been able to exploit the enormous potential available.

Here is the midfield that Sarri dreams of

With the current prospect of coaching the Old Lady in the coming years as well, the former Chelsea manager is now clearly pointing out his market guidelines to the Juventus management, which he had not been able to do last summer instead.
If on the possible sacrifice of Pjanic he has already given an equally clear and determined positive opinion is his position on the only counterpart appreciated in exchange by Barcelona:
Arthur Melo, neither Semedo nor Dembele nor any other Spanish team bencher, he or anyone else.
The Juventus coach is willing to give up his strongest midfielder in pink, Miralem Pjanic, only in exchange for Arthur. But where would the Brazilian play?
In Sarri’s head, the current number 8 of Barcelona would be perfect to play from the left inside in the midfield with three Bentancur deployed on the opposite side.
Once this market deal on the Turin-Barcelona axis has materialized, the Paratici-Nedved couple would therefore have to satisfy the other very clear priority expressed by the coach regarding the desire to return to training his “pupil” Jorginho.
Bentancur on the right center, Jorginho director and Arthur on the left center with the talent of Kulusevksi to sway the trocar: this is the midfielder that Sarri dreams of after having understood that getting to players like Pogba or Milinkovic Savic will be difficult, if not impossible, in this stingy cash market due to the devastating financial crisis that is affecting the world and football in particular.

Only Bentancur is unstoppable

And all the others?
To date, only Rodrigo Bentancur is considered non-transferable (a maxi offer would be needed to shake this certainty) among the current midfielders present in the squad for Juventus.
With the now declared will to be available to deprive even of Pjanic, no one between Khedira, Matuidi, Rabiot, Bernardeschi and Ramsey can be considered sure to remain at Juventus also during the next season, despite the contracts in place.
Who for one reason who for another have not convinced the Juventus coach to the end and are considered absolutely transferable.
They are all potential exchange pieces, but above all important gains are possible that would be pure oxygen to cover the losses of the last period at Juve and give breath to the speakers.

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