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The Brazilian does not change his mind: he wants to stay in Catalonia. The Blaugrana club tries to convince him to get to Pjanic and De Sciglio

King Arthur, more than at a round table, is at a poker table. Sitting in a circle, everyone is there: Barcelona, ​​Juventus, his family, Miralem Pjanic, Mattia De Sciglio and the agents of all the players. It is about finding a solution that will satisfy everyone in the strangest market in recent years, made of negotiations conducted without certainties on the economic and sports development of the season. Also for this reason, the few deals that take off are always evolving. In the last few hours, Barcelona has played a heavy first card: through its summits, it has moved to convince the Brazilian midfielder to accept the transfer to Italy. Arthur is thinking about it and of course, he is not convinced: if it were for him, he would stay in Barcelona. Yesterday, around lunchtime, Alfredo Martinez, well informed journalist of Onda Cero, Spanish radio, gave the operation as outdated: “Arthur communicates his definitive no to Juve, he will remain in Barcelona also in 2020-21”.

Barcelona are pressing

Juventus actually has not stopped hoping. The operation is complex, uphill, and Arthur’s will has been firm so far: he chose Barcelona two years ago and for a while he would like to continue learning Catalan. But Barça has another idea and at the negotiating table he is trying to make his weight felt. Arthur is not in the group of loyal Leo Messi and the club would be more than happy to complete the exchange with Miralem Pjanic and probably Mattia De Sciglio. For Arthur, therefore, are days of thoughts. On the one hand, the contract with Barcelona and few certainties of being a holder also in the next season. On the other, a richer agreement with Juve and the enthusiasm of a club that has chased him for technical reasons, as well as for the budget.

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