‘Juve, they are going to steal another championship from you’. The TOP 10 of the ‘thefts’ suffered by the bianconeri


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Sometimes it happens to them too. Juventus fans are now afraid of sports theft. It is true that most of the Juventus supporters, as well as the president Agnelli, would not accept a scudetto at the table, should the coronavirus season end prematurely with Juve in command of the classification. But it is also true that in many would not even willingly accept to question the championship through the playoff roulette, so dear to the president of the FIGC, Gabriele Gravina. And so, while it is still necessary to understand if and when the football played will restart, the black and white popular sentiment of its social networks is already in turmoil. IS’ there are those who openly write: “Juve, you are going to steal another championship”. Yes, because this would be seen, by the most extremists, a palace maneuver that would change the rules during the race and force Juventus to question the title from the top of the table. And so, while the more mischievous argue that if at the time of any other championship stop (after the resumption) there was another team in command of the ranking, the FIGC would forget the playoffs and would have no problem assigning the title, most Juventus fans remember the cases in which, in the past, the bianconeri have had to submit to wrong decisions (by referees and federal bodies) or, at least, ambiguous. DOWNLOAD THE GALLERY TO SEE THE 10 HISTORIC TORTS SUBJECTED BY THE JUVENTUS

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