Juve, the thorns of Higuain: between Sarri and the US temptation


They say he can’t wait to start again. The period is very delicate, considering how much the outbreak of the pandemic from Coronavirus has touched it already from the post JuventusInter, from Daniele’s positivity Rugani, from the desire to return immediately to Argentina to be close to mother Nancy, struggling with a tough battle against the disease, to which he is bound by a more than profound affection. But Gonzalo Higuain he is not only a man of heart, he does not tend to throw himself down simply because in the middle of the tunnel he does not see a way out. No, Pipita has courage, she knows what it means to turn the page (she has already made strong decisions in her career, such as moving from Napoli to Juve) or even just resuming a speech interrupted for reasons of force majeure.

Chatting with Sarri

This is why its negativity to the diagnostic tests carried out on Wednesday – as explained on page 3 – means a lot: it means to go back to doing your job seriously, to give the ball on the fields of Continassa waiting for me to hang up on real football. And ensuring that a chasm does not open between him and Juve at the end of the season. Breaking would not be worthwhile. Meanwhile, Higuain had a chat with Maurizio Sarri has already exchanged them these days. The dialogue with his favorite coach, who knows him by heart and never fails to point out to him honestly if there is something wrong, he continues. The feeling with the coach did not fail, starting from when the attacker stumbled against the possibility of a return to the Premier League after the experience in chiaroscuro at Chelsea, and a transfer to Rome . Sarri, then, took Gonzalo aside to make him understand, in essence, what would have happened to the player: make a deck like this for a Juve running on everything, including the damned Champions.

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