Juve, so Sarri saves Higuain


The soldier Higuain Maurizio saves him Sarri, who does not even look like a US Army ranger from afar, but is the only one who can complete the mission. Because Sarri is the one who knows the best Hangnail and he is the one who has the greatest ascendancy over him. It is no coincidence that Higuain himself always wants to work with the group coached by Sarri, when for convenience the coach divides the players into two parts. It is no exaggeration to say that Higuain sees in Sarri a father figure or something similar and that Sarri has always treated the bomber like a son, for better or for worse. And now he is trying to bring him back to the conditions in which he had started the season, after the turbulent summer spent refusing any transfer proposed to him.

The real Higuain

That start of Higuain pushed Sarri’s very first Juventus decisively which now needs the same turbo-Pipita for the resumption of the championship. Three months as a true Higuain would be one of the decisive keys to winning the Scudetto and the Italian Cup, trying to get closer to the Champions League. Also because in the current state of things, Pipita is the only true center-forward and the only alternative to Dybala. It is true that Juventus can also play with Ronaldo supported by Douglas It costs is Bernardeschi, but if Sarri wants to make a logical (and necessary since it is played every three days) turnover in attack, he needs the best Higuain. And all this has been the subject of a couple of talks between Sarri and Pipita. Sarri has pampered his attacker since he landed from the long stay in Argentine. Not a carefree holiday, given the illness of the mother, who struggles with a tumor and anxiety about the virus, to which Gonzalo is particularly sensitive. Sarri knows him and knows how important it is for him to feel at the center of the technician’s attention and to feel the unconditional trust on the part of the group.

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