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The cryptic Juventus post at the center of the market. And ‘it tempted by Barcelona, ​​meanwhile, trains at Continassa

A laconic message in a decisive moment. Miralem Pjanic has almost chosen to speak in code with a post via Instagram. He added two photos of the training to Continassa: in one he runs normally, in another he is sitting on a ball and has a direct gaze who knows where. But beyond the images, the enigmatic words that accompany the post weigh: “The future depends on what you do today. Happy to be back on the field, “he writes in English.

The crossroads of Mire

The word “future” referred to the Bosnian in these days can hardly go under track: what Pjanic will do at the end of this strange season is the hottest topic of the moment. This is also why his message is suitable for every reading. His “today” is Juventus, but tomorrow the track that could take him to Barcelona is very hot. Pjanic is a promised blaugrana bridegroom in an exchange already planned by all sides: Mire and De Sciglio beyond, Arthur from here. The Brazilian, still very doubtful, is the last element to be convinced to definitively dissolve Mire’s future.

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