Juve-Lazio, that’s when the Scudetto challenge will be played


MILAN – No longer Juventus-Milan first and Napoli-Inter then, but the opposite. The last orientation is that we are moving towards a reversal of order in the semi-finals of the Italian Cup, so as to give the Nerazzurri team a bit of breath, which is in danger of already reaching their breath at the resumption of the championship. However, it is difficult for this choice to reassure Marotta’s soul, still irritated. Meanwhile, unless surprises the government will grant the advance of one day: then first challenge on Friday 12th and second Saturday 13. A rough green light has already arrived from Minister Spadafora, while it is necessary to wait for the Hope one, which should be kept up until See you tomorrow.

Juve-Lazio, here is the date

And the championship calendar will also be launched tomorrow. It will start from the recoveries, with Parma-Turin as a plausible debut. For the rest, the idea is that at least one game is played every day and some joints begin to leak. For example, when the challenge of the 34th day between Juventus and Lazio will be placed, which could be the decisive one for the assignment of the title. Well, the first indication (still to be confirmed) is that the appointment will be for Monday 20 July at 9:45 pm: therefore, in the case, it will be a real “Monday Night” championship.

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