“Juve just can’t take it now”


Inter ahead of Juventus in the race at Tonali

L’Inter has a distinct advantage over Juventus in the race a Sandro Tonali. The sale of Mauro Icardi outright to Paris Saint-Germainin fact, it enters the Nerazzurri coffers a quantity of money (and a capital gain) such as to supply to Marotta and Ausilio fertile soil. Also because Juventus, at this moment, cannot afford big investments. Tuttosport writes:

He scored 124 goals for Inter Milan’s Mauro Icardi. Plus one: his sale to PSG gives Beppe Marotta the opportunity to sink the blow on Sandro Tonali (…). Wanting Tonali to stay in Italy, the negotiation resulted in a ballot between Inter and Juve and, at this stage, Marotta has the resources to close the operation, while Juve can only sell unless Brescia accepts a more structured and dilated over time“.

(Source: Tuttosport)




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