“Juve is considering whether to sell Pjanic. De Zerbi after Sarri? I don’t know. About Lotito and Guardiola …”


Speaking to the microphones of Sports Radio, Sandro Sabatini spoke about some topical issues:

On the free kick?
It has its social meaning because gatherings in public places would be avoided, but there are rules to be respected and subscribers are right “.

On Gastaldello’s words?

“Better to play with so much heat and so much sun that certain nights in January and February of the Italian cup at -10”.

On Juve?

“It is good to evaluate the proposals for Pjanic and De Sciglio, but for Pjanic I would evaluate well because he is a player of great value. Higuain? He wants to return to Argentina and Juve must satisfy him, he no longer feels the 9th of this team. Douglas Costa? A potential excellent player but has never had a reliable performance. Guardiola at Juve? Last year was a great suggestion, today it seems more like a dream “.

On Lotito’s words for Juve-Inter?

“I don’t know what it could allude to, for me.”

On De Zerbi after Sarri?

“I don’t know. De Zerbi is a good coach despite not having a very high percentage of Serie A wins. Difficult to implement Sassuolo’s football in Turin”.

Su Cancelo?

“Very strong, in Conte’s football there is”.

On hugs between players?

“We are talking about hugs between negatives, they can also be kissed.”

On the 5 replacements?

“Liverani is right, the teams with large squads will have an advantage. But the reality also says that with 3 changes all the coaches were making substitutions in the last minutes”.

On AC Milan?

“He has spent a lot of money in the past 3 years, but he has made mistakes in coaches and managers, although I would have saved Boban and Maldini in the past year.”

On Lazio?

“To make cash I would not give up Milinkovic or Luis Alberto. They would be 2 important losses, but between the 2 I would keep Milinkovic”.

On Inter?

“With Cavani and Vidal you have to win immediately because they are 2 players who quickly lose economic and technical value”.

On Pallotta?

“I think it will sell to Friedkin, even if the prices are no longer pre-covid.”



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