Juve, here is Higuain: but the future is a puzzle, also the DC United of his brother Federico comes out First page


Gonzalo Higuain will be back tomorrow to taste the natural grass ground of one of the four fields at the Continassa Juventus Training Center. Arrived only last Friday from Argentina where he had stayed longer also due to the complicated health conditions of mom Nancy, Higuain like Adrien Rabiot has shortened the quarantine time thanks to the practice of double buffer will therefore be available to Maurizio Sarri. But in these weeks the dynamics of the field will be only one aspect to be explored: until the end of the season the Pipita will be fundamental even more than before, Juve is preparing to play at best twenty games in two months and will not be able to do without the Argentine center forward. In parallel, it will be necessary to find an agreement for the future, whether to continue together until the natural expiry of the contract dated 30 June 2021 or whether to leave between August and September. If so, whether making peace or making war. FIRST STEP – Higuain has a whole range of requests, especially on the other side of the ocean. But they all have one thing in common: they wait for him to free himself from Juve in some way. And con the other hand, the situation can be summarized simply even if it is not simple: to free himself and go wherever he wants, Higuain would have to give up all or almost all of his future compensation, otherwise Juve should be able to achieve enough to avoid dangerous minus signs. The figure x is always that of approximately 18 million, which should reach the club acquiring cash or at least via exchanges (thus cutting out the US teams, there are also great difficulties for River Plate) unless Juve has to agree with Higuain a savings on engagement such that the contract can be terminated: euro plus euro less, in the next season the Pipita would weigh more or less its own 18 million gross, between the basic engagement of 7,5 million net and the frozen part in the current season.

THE US CALLS – There has been talk of River Plate, talk and talk. Meanwhile, the list of suitors in MLS is growing. The Los Angeles Galaxy moved first by friend Barros Schelotto, closely followed byInter Miami. But now also DC United where Federico Higuain operates, Gonzalo’s brother, he decided to come out into the open by starting contacts with the entourage of Pipita: a family affair in short, considering how the point of reference is the other brother Nicolas, also an agent of the football relatives.

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