Juve: Douglas, listen to Maestro Roth: “You need balance” – La Gazzetta dello Sport


The Brazilian holy man who launched Costa al Gremio: “He has always had a unique talent, but he must overcome some limits. At that point he will also explode in the Seleçao …”

Douglas Costa, talent suspended between miracle and damnation. Much of what will happen to this Juve will pass through him, from his anarchist spark and his fragile muscles. Nobody in Turin does and undoes like the Brazilian: it is for this reason that, despite Sarrist’s passion, Douglas also risks having the black and white shirt pulled off. In the next two months the Lady will evaluate it, hoping that in this post-covid football it will finally be continuous. But his first teacher also observes him from a distance: Celso Roth, a Brazilian holy man who was electrocuted in 2008. He launched him at the age of 18 at the Gremio and has never stopped following him. At home it is an institution because no one like him can launch talent: it happened to him with Ronaldinho, always at Gremio, with Lucio at the Internacional, with Diego and Robinho at Santos.

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