Juve, before the resumption of the championship there is already a trophy to win: it is the Italian Cup


“As the championship resumes on June 20, I hope that a positive signal can be given and that the week of June 13 to 20 can be used to close the Italian Cup. The Italian Cup could resume on 13 and 17 June. This is the proposal, we are now waiting for the Federation. “Idea and practice, football finally starts again and it is already doing it disruptive. There are Juve and Milan, at the restart of the races, on the scene for the return of the Cup semi-finals after the 1-1 game at San Siro. DATES – therefore, the 13 it could (conditionally conditional on the formalization by the League, which will arrive tomorrow), it may already be time to review Maurizio Sarri’s team, and to see it again in the same empty Stadium where he had left the last memory of himself, dragging himself without screaming in that noise which was the victory over Inter. Now the 90 ‘with Milan, then the eventual final: all ready for Rome, with the epilogue already scheduled on the 17th, that is, four days after the first semifinal. Emblem of the frenzy that will accompany this strange vintage ending.

OBLIGATION – Those who wanted a soft recovery, even to reacquire certain rhythms, will find themselves dealing with the heaviness of decisive minutes. For many, the idea of ​​Spadafora is almost a signal to the country: reviving great football on public television, a binge of great entertainment within everyone’s reach. Meanwhile, Juve has not yet restarted and is already rediscovering the bittersweet of the pressure: in four days a lot is played, a trophy to be won immediately to remember who is in charge.

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