Juve anger, Inter fury: only the usual Lotito wins, so he earns 10 days for the Scudetto


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Football starts again, not without controversy. Those are there and will be practically always there, but some seem more legitimate than others. And this is one of those. Yes, because in Italy that finds the ball there are many inconsistencies and someone loses us. It is no coincidence that it is Juve that Inter got irritated, or even furious, for the first proposal of the League, which opted for the conclusion of the Italian Cup before the start of Serie A. June 13 the semifinal between Juve and Milan (14 Napoli-Inter) and June 17 the final. Then, on June 20, the resumption of the championship, from the recoveries or from the 27th day. Basically three games over seven days. Nothing impossible at a normal time of the season, especially for those like Juve who play every year for several months with the European “midweek shift”, but the moment is particular. Playing three games in seven days, with a middle title, in the first week of shooting seems like madness. Something that the leaders of football should understand, without counting the controversy between the “whims” to avoid. Because if it’s true that everyone – even the little ones – will have to try and get used to playing every three days to end the season, it is equally true that resuming the season in this way is just another way to distort the result. And it remains difficult to understand what leads to this solution. The only certainty is that Lazio of the Federal Councilor Lotito, who in these weeks is said to have done the devil to four for the recovery at any cost, would earn 10 days on the opponents: Juve and Inter. Ten more days of training without competitions – in case of recoveries on June 20, Serie A would resume around June 23 -, ten days in which to increase the preparation fund. Put gasoline in the legs for the assault on the championship.

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