Justice, Minister Alfonso Bonafede: “The earthquake that affects the judiciary requires a timely response from the institutions”


New wiretaps fromPerugia investigation, L’Anm broken after the president’s resignation, Luca Poniz (Area), and the secretary, Giuliano Caputo (Unicost), finally the note from Area pointing the finger at Unicost’s lack of firmness. The tsunami, generated by the scandal over the appointments piloted to the CSM, seems to never end. And today is the Guardasigilli, who already in the aftermath of the first results of the investigation had asked to reform at least the CSM elections, which intervenes with a post on Facebook to reiterate a need. “The real earthquake that is affecting the Italian judiciary after the so-called “Palamara case” requires a timely response from the institutions. This affects the credibility of the judiciary, which our rule of law cannot renounce – writes the Minister of Justice Alfonso Bonafede -. In my speech to the Senate on Wednesday, among the projects to start from in the justice sector, I referred to reform of the Superior Council of the Judiciary: now you can no longer wait. This week I will bring the attention of the majority the reform project, on which, among other things, we had already found an excellent convergence shortly before the pandemic broke out. ”

The Guardasigilli also lists the points of the project designed to eliminate what in the past have been defined as the degenerations of a system of power in all respects which led to influencing the appointments of the heads of important judicial offices. “At the center of the project are: a new electoral system stolen from degeneration of current accountancy; the identification of mechanisms to ensure that the criteria with which the appointments are made are inspired only by merit; the clear separation between politics and the judiciary with the blocking of the so-called “Revolving doors”. These are laws that have been talked about for decades: innovations that cannot be postponed on which institutions must not divide but, on the contrary, must be compacted. Also because they are not rules “against” the judiciary but to protect the vast majority of magistrates who every day, with passion and professionalism, work for the protection of the rights of all citizens. They are those magistrates who do not deserve to be dragged into a vortex of controversy that aims to make a bundle of all the grass. As I said in recent weeks (in which I have even been attributed, exploiting them, decisions that are of the judiciary), an institutional man must not feed controversy but solve problems with facts “.

Yesterday after nine hours of the steering committee of the ANM – and after the last interceptions emerged from the documents filed after the closure of the investigations of the prosecutors of Perugia on Luca Palamara, former president of Anm and point man of Unicost – the news of the resignation had arrived Poniz, expression of Area the leftmost component of the robes, and of secretary Caputo, expression of Unicost, center current and protagonist with Palamara of an activism that from the last published conversations reached up to Via Arenula. Area, which met today in view of the ‘parliamentarian’ of the robes convened for Monday in an attempt to put out the fire and ferry the ANM towards new elections, accuses Unicost of taking “a step back” on the moral issue. The only current to remain in the saddle is the Independent Judiciary of Piercamillo Davigo. A high voltage ‘plenum’ is expected where it will not be easy to recompose the fracture.

“We can’t allow that credibility and authoritativeness of the judiciary are undermined by facts such as those that emerged from the Palamara case. To dispel all the shadows and opacities it is urgent to intervene with the reform of the CSM as announced by the minister Alfonso Bonafede “the minister for relations with parliament writes on Twitter Federico D’Incà. “It is important that Minister Bonafede has confirmed that he wants to proceed rapidly with the reform of the CSM and the election mechanism of the togati. This the Pd had asked to help archive the current degenerations that, as we see in these hours, have invested the judiciary. Which has inside all the strengths and possibilities to self-regenerate and fully buy back – he says Walter Verini, responsible Justice Pd – a fundamental role of third parties for a just and rapid justice at the service of citizens and their guarantees and rights “. “It is right that Minister Bonafede relaunches the need for the overall reform of the CSM and not limited to the electoral method. A reform that can no longer be postponed which – the vice-president of the Senate and senator Pd declares in a note, Anna Rossomando – must be accompanied by a real and decisive new phase on justice, which also includes the reform of the criminal and civil process, as the Pd has reiterated several times. With these premises we are ready to make our contribution “. “The reform of the CSM – the political leader M5s writes on Twitter Vito Crimi – can no longer be postponed. The Minister of Justice @AlfonsoBonafede will bring a proposal that will say enough to the degeneration of current accountancy and will guarantee the self-governing body the independence necessary to govern one of the three powers of the state “. On Twitter also the intervention of the secretary of the League, Matteo Salvini: “Justice must be reformed, to restore the rights of respectable Italians”.

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