“Justice for George Floyd”: murals appear in Rome


The author is Harry Greb, the street artist who had decorated the external wall of the Spallanzani Hospital in Rome. Today, also in Rome, another work by Greb himself has appeared that refers to the facts of Minneapolis. The new mural was created on the way to the United States of America, near the Olympic Village.

The drawing shows a sort of caricature of the Statue of Liberty in New York holding a sign on which the inscription stands out: “Justice for George Floyd“. The face of the statue is of the same 46-year-old African American, killed by the intervention of a police officer, Bruce Chauvin. In one hand the character holds a Bill of Rights. The street artist, wrote in a note, “returns to color the walls of Rome and this time he does it with the symbolic image of the moment, that of George Floyd in the shoes of the Statue of Liberty with a sign asking for justice and Charter of Rights held in one hand “.

“I was impressed and indignant as a human being after watching the video where George Floyd dies on the street, alone – continued Greb – It is incredible that even today such events can happen, in the light of the day, with arrogance and arrogance, without limits. It’s a shame because I think the United States is a great country, but they are victims of their contradictions. They still have several things to solve and this is yet another testimony. It seems that being black in America today is still a discriminating factor, all of this is unacceptable. Someone should give a strong signal even if at this moment it seems difficult to me given who is in charge of the nation “.

Floyd’s death by suffocation, picked up by some present smart-phones, has traveled around the world and has caused violent protests in the city of Minnesota. Four agents, including Chauvin, have been fired. Mayor Frey has declared a state of emergency. One person died. Previously Greb had designed a hug inspired by the film Someone flew over the cuckoo’s nest and then to the covid emergency.

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