June Dividends: Which to Choose on Wall Street?


With the recovery in sight on the markets there are dividends for June. Which to choose on Wall Street?

Why buy stocks on Wall Street?

It improves the mood of investors who look at macro, negative data, with positive interpretations. In fact, if all the results are with a strong loss, these are results that were widely expected and foreseeable. But in many cases macro data are less worse than feared. June dividends also come in this direction. Which to choose on Wall Street? First of all: why buy stocks on Wall Street? Undoubtedly, the American economy has also been the victim of an unprecedented crisis. But unlike the rest of the world, the American trading center, strengthened by its recovery, seems to have a more stable position.

Invest in dividends

For this reason, many are wondering, with the June dividends, which ones to choose on Wall Street. One of the few certainties will be volatility. Also in view of a possible tariff war with China. In fact, the coronavirus had, among its many, unpleasant consequences, also that of reacquiring the tensions between the two superpowers. But this time, given the precedent of the pandemic and above all of a nebulous management by Beijing, the strength of the United States could also take advantage of the support of other countries. Lean consolation for those who have decided to challenge fate with speculative investments. Calmer, however, the classic drawer who wants to invest in dividends.

June Dividends: Which to Choose on Wall Street?

But now, with the arrival of summer, a thought goes to the dividends of June. Which to choose on Wall Street? A suggestion could be Trinity Industries (NYSE: TRN). It is, in fact, a railway company that supplies, among other things, tankers for the transport of oil but also railway wagons for the agricultural and metalworking sectors. Practically a name focused on logistics and supply chains. A rumor that the pandemic has not been able to stop. As well as the oil crisis. In fact, one of the many paradoxes of the barrel is that the abundance of raw material has brought with it the need for storage and transport structures. This is one of the reasons why its current yield of 3.8% appeals to investors.

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