June 8 strike: there is a clash between unions, the Ministry and the 5 Star Movement on precarious jobs, competitions and resources


It is decided, it will be a strike. To indicate it FLC CGIL, CISL SCHOOL, UIL SCHOOL, SNALS CONFSAL, GILDA UNAMS. The request is for an extraordinary investment plan for the school and a hiring plan for ATA staff and teachers

Black smoke

Black smoke today during an attempt at conciliation with the Ministry, after the unions had declared the state of unrest. Failed, the decision came to strike on June 8.

What unions are asking for

At the base of the request is an enhancement of staff ranging from teachers to ATA staff. The unions cite the Technical-Scientific Committee which indicated distancing parameters, work on small groups of students for which the existing resources would not guarantee a peaceful start to the school year.

“In order to meet the increased needs of teachers and school staff, – they write in a joint press release – as well as the necessary supply of sanitary materials and PPE for pupils and staff, it is in fact necessary to provide for a” substantial increase in resources. “If you really want to return safely to face-to-face activities.”

Other issues that unions have not been accepted, according to what they report, concerns

  • compliance with the limit of 20 pupils per class in the presence of pupils with disabilities,
  • review at least in this emergency the parameters for the sizing of educational institutions,
  • provide for the safety of buildings,
  • promote regulatory changes that take the school managers away from improper responsibility for building maintenance,
  • increase the FUN resources for Management,
  • provide for a competition reserved for administrative assistants acting as DSGA.

To this conspicuous list must be added the failure to hire precarious workers in September, which, following the changes in the school decree, will carry out the competition in the autumn.

The ministry’s answer

The Ministry, for its part, has issued a note which summarizes the investments launched in these months which range from:

  • from the 1.4 billion allocated to school in the relaunch decree,
  • resources for tablets, PCs and connections in the period of distance learning.
  • to changes on the school building front, in terms of resources unlocked and rules

The Ministry then “confirmed the will of Minister Lucia Azzolina to continue the request for additional resources for the Education sector, also for the same restart in September. As well as the commitment to supervise to ensure that there are no cases of overcrowding in the classes “.

Interventions that unions have branded as “adjustments” and not “extraordinary investments”.

The Ministry then shared the desire to “start the discussion on contract renewal as soon as possible.”

For the M5S, the strike is incomprehensible

A note from the 5-star Movement in the Senate Education Commission intervened to defend the work of the Government. The MPs say they are not surprised, given that they write: “a lot of pressure” has been put on the text of the school decree.

As far as resources are concerned, the MEPs also recall that “one billion has been allocated, and another billion and a half is foreseen with the measures contained in the relaunch decree”.

Pittoni, the Strike League is not incomprehensible, we will lose 30 thousand professors

To defend the choice of trade unions, the head of the school of the League, as well as President of the VII Senate Culture Commission, Mario Pittoni.

“It is not incomprehensible that school unions think about the general strike. Incomprehensible – so in a press release – it is that the M5S finds it incomprehensible, given that in September we will lose another 30 thousand professors without replacements, in full health emergency. Years will pass before seeing the 80,000 hikes announced by the ministry and in the meantime the sector risks collapsing ”.

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