June 3, yes to travel: but here are 10 things we still can’t do


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However, he will not be a free man all: on the contrary. In our daily life we ​​will continue to have a series of obligations and impediments, in order to contain the contagion from coronavirus and the spread of the disease caused by the virus caused by Covid-19 (now, explains to Corriere Giuseppe Remuzzi, the patients are less serious, but many struggle to heal, and the risk should therefore not be underestimated).

Here are the 10 things that not we will still be able to do from June 3.

1. Crowds and crowds, even at home
It is forbidden to be too close to the outdoors and in public places. Even in homes it is recommended not to get crowded (here decisions made in other countries: gatherings of up to 50 people are allowed in Denmark, for example).

2. Approach less than 1 meter
The distance from the others must always be 1 meter, and 2 when doing physical activity. Where not possible the mask must be worn.

3. Kisses and hugs
No kisses and hugs with those who are not married: and even with non-cohabiting relatives (especially the elderly) physical contacts should be avoided.


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4. Remove (too much) the bezels
In public places, in shops, at the hairdresser and beautician, by plane and train, on public transport and wherever it is not possible to keep the distance, and in some cases even outdoors (in Lombardy compulsory) you must always wear a mask .

5. Take off your gloves
Gloves must be worn in many stores, which become mandatory when buying food.


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6. Don’t try the temperature
We will not be able to refuse to undergo a fever measurement. With 37.5, access to many public places is prohibited, and it can be reported to the health authority.

7. Don’t book
We will not be able (yet) to go to the hairdresser and to the gym without a reservation.

8. Don’t give generalities
We cannot refuse to release our generalities in those shops or restaurants that ask for it. The measure is for tracking people who may have come into contact with positives.

9. Travel wherever you want
We can only go abroad to countries that accept Italians.

10. Don’t stay in quarantine
If we have come into contact with positive people or in places where the governor or mayor’s ordinance is in force (in Sicily extended until June 8), you will have to remain in quarantine from the moment of arrival.

May 30, 2020 (change May 30, 2020 | 1:14 pm)


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