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Twitch Prime announced what i will be free games given to subscribers a June 2020: Observer, Forsaken Remastered, Steel Rats, The Flame in the Flood and Project Warlock. The titles will all be downloadable starting from Monday 1 June, together with the usual cartload of new loot for the most famous live service titles.

Observer is a Cyberpunk horror adventure by Bloober Team, which many people have received because of the atmosphere and the narration.

Forsaken Remastered is the revival of a classic shooter for PC with redone graphics and new content.

Steel Rats is a simulator of acrobatics on two wheels quite a bit crazy, between flames and very particular paths.

The Flame in the Flood it is a survival rogue like that tells of a trip to an America now in ruins.

Project WarlockFinally, it is a classic first person shooter with gameplay and graphics inspired by the cornerstones of the genre such as Doom and Duke Nukem 3D.

As always, the free games can be redeemed from the Twitch Prime rewards page, where there are currently sixteen games available to subscribers.

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