Joy-Con Drifting solved using the Steam Controller


Despite constant and incessant complaints, Nintendo has never solved the problem of Switch’s Joy-Con Drifting in production, forcing many players to contact customer service after purchasing the console with the defective pad.

For the uninitiated, Joy-Con Drifting is a phenomenon that occurs both on the Nintendo Switch controllers and on the much more recent Nintendo Switch Lite, causes a continuous movement of the character or camera even if the levers are in a neutral position. The only way to stop it is to send a new input via the affected analog stick.

Well, an Italian enthusiast hardware, Matteo Pisani, has found a really ingenious way to solve it once and for all by making it disappear from its Nintendo Switch. How did he do? Simple to say, much more complicated to do: it literally has transplanted the capacitive 3D-Touch trackpad of the Steam Controller, replacing it with the left analog stick. Matteo explained the procedure he used for the operation on his Medium blog, while on YouTube he uploaded a video showing the reborn Joy-Con in action on Crash Team Racing: Nitro-Fueled. Keep in mind that what is shown is not the final design, since Matteo is planning to further refine it in the future. Find the video at the beginning of the news, let us know what you think of his work.

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