Joshua shock: “Mike Tyson is a killing machine”


LONDON (UK) – “Even if I had fought with Mike Tyson and if I beat him, I think I would have been my only fan. People would have whistled at me. He is a legend. He is the greatest boxer of the modern era. There are only two recognized champions that the world knows, Muhammad Ali and Mike Tyson, the most known faces in the world when it comes to boxing“This is what he says to The Sun Anthony Joshua, which continues with a special comparison: “Think about Beckham, How old, 44-45? The world would love it if it saw it kicking the goal 100 times – continues the Anglo-Nigerian boxer -, take the crossbar and then fly again. The same goes for Tyson, who is the embodiment of the killing machine: he hits the pads for 15 seconds and everyone goes crazy. It’s normal. The difference is that if Beckham hits the ball masterfully it doesn’t mean he’s back. While Tyson has only taken a break, he is a fighter by nature“.

Pugliato: Tyson, what a punch!

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