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Giuseppe Alfano
Lazzate (Monza and Brianza), 31 May 2020 – Seventy-three days hospital stay at the Saronno hospital to defeat the COVID-19. It is the tough battle that a 67-year-old from Trapani found himself facing the emergency in the city of amaretti. To better tell the long odyssey of this patient, it is necessary to take a step back going back to February when Giuseppe Alfano and his wife have comei in Lombardy to spend some time with children. The lockdown soon blocked them at the home of their daughter’s family in Lazzate with their grandchildren.

“Unfortunately we were all infected – explains the son-in-law Giuseppe Accardi – We had the symptoms for a few days and after about a week we started showing signs of improvement, while my father-in-law got worse”. The situation quickly deteriorated so much that on March 17 the health personnel recommended hospitalization, a solution that the family immediately married and so Giuseppe Alfano was transferred to the Saronno hospital: It was in semi-intensive care and he was almost always semi-conscious. At least that’s what they told us, since we couldn’t go and see him. We could only hear from him by phoning the hospital, which is not always easy given the large amount of work and the large number of cases that the staff had to face. “Giuseppe Alfano’s conditions were severe for ten days:”Then came the first good news. So thetampons odyssey“. The 67-year-old was subject eight times to the verification buffer and the result that allowed the resignation came only on Friday 29 May, the day of liberation. “For him there were 73 days of hospitalization, the staff told us that it is the” record “of this emergency regarding the Saronno hospital.”

Back in the family home, Giuseppe Alfano found a banner with the word “Welcome back” in multicolored characters with many yellow balloons around it and a second poster made by his grandchildren with the dates of hospitalization March 17 – May 29 and the writing “We missed you. “. A warm welcome that warmed the heart of the grandfather, anxious to embrace the loved ones. “We wanted to tell our story – concludes Giuseppe’s son-in-law – to give hope to those who have family members who are fighting against Covid-19. It is difficult when there is no news, when you cannot go to find loved ones but the hope always remains that the happy ending will come, as in our case “.

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