Jessica Faoro, Milan Court of Appeal confirms life imprisonment for Garlaschi: “Sorry. If you let me out I will work and compensate the damage”


Sentenced to spend the rest of his life in prison. The Assize Court of Appeal of Milan confirmed thelife sentence with the abbreviated rite for Alessandro Garlaschi, the tram driver accused of the murder of Jessica Valentina Faoro, the 19-year-old girl killed with 85 stab wounds on February 7, 2018 in the man’s apartment in via Brioschi. Connected by videoconference during the closed door trial, the man asked “sorry“For what he did. And to the court he added: “If you let me out and get me back to a normal life, I will work and I will compensate the damage“.

The Assize Court of Appeal accepted the request for confirmation of the sentence already imposed at first instance on Garlaschi, now 41, by the deputy attorney general Daniela Meliota during the process that took place behind closed doors. The parents of the young victim were present in the courtroom, while the defendant assisted from prison by videoconference and it is precisely in connection that the man asked for an “apology” for the murder. Turning to the court the tram driver then added: “If you let me out and return me to a normal life, I will work and compensate the damage“.

Rejected, however, the request for the defense of an expert report to ascertain the ability to understand and want of the man at the time of the fact and the ability to stand in court, supported by consultancy with the professor Alessandro Meluzzi, psychiatrist and criminologist, who supported the semi-infirmity by Garlaschi. “We will re-propose the request to the Court of Cassation – said the defense attorney Francesco Santini – We will appeal the sentence after reading the reasons “. For the victim’s mother, however, life imprisonment for the tram driver is not sufficient. “Justice has been done and for this reason Jessica will at least be able to rest easy – commented Jessica’s mother, Anna Maria Natella, present in the courtroom – But nothing can give me back what I lost ”.

The story goes back two years ago. The man had offered the girl a room in his house in exchange for housework. On the evening of the murder, the young woman had refused to “entertain Garlaschi with erotic games he claimed”, the gup explained Alessandra Cecchelli in the grounds of the sentence with which he had sentenced him to life in the first instance. Jessica, among other things, had expressed her will “even a few hours before themurder to permanently leave the man’s home “, because” too oppressive for the constant requests for attention and sexual performance“.

In addition to the prison, daytime isolation was also inflicted on man – in addition to murder – also for vilification of a corpse, for trying to burn parts of the young woman’s body, and for replacement of person, for making Jessica believe that his wife was his sister. The judge had also ordered compensation for 25 thousand euros each to the father and mother of the victim, of 50 thousand euros for his brother Andrea and di 10 thousand euros for the Municipality of Milan.

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