Jeff Grubb reveals new details


Jeff Grubb’s latest rumors about the upcoming PS5 event announcement are traveling around the world. The VentureBeat journalist thus decides to return to the topic to provide further advances on the surprises that, according to him, should be revealed during the next Sony digital show.

From the columns of VentureBeat, Grubb responds to numerous requests for clarification from the community to explain that “While the June 3 reveal should offer us a closer look at PS5, don’t expect a show where Sony will reveal every detail about its new generation system. They may decide to announce the price and release date on another occasion. The price of PS5, however, is still subject to significant fluctuations.Sony would like to launch its console at a competitive price but does not even want to sell it at a loss (at a price lower than the production price, ed.).

Entering the merits of the surprises foreseen during talked about PS5 event on June 3rd, Grubb wonders “What will Sony show next week, then? Well, expect a show focused on nexgen games. Sony is aware of the backlash received by Microsoft in its first Xbox 20/20 event. Fans who attended that presentation were not happy with the absence of gameplay scenes. For this, Sony would like to respond by relying on those PS5 games that can be shown while they are actually running on real hardware “.

Meanwhile, the well-known Bloomberg journalist (and former editor of Kotaku) Jason Schreier wanted to participate in the indiscretions festival on this highly anticipated digital show to offer advances on the PS5 event in June.

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