James Bond supercar on sale With all the tricks, but he doesn’t shoot


The car of the most famous agent 007 in the world comes back to life, albeit with some modifications. Aston Martin returns to production the Bond DB5, admired in the film Goldfinger mission, year 1964, with all the “spy-sized” equipment that can be installed. The British company thus pays tribute to its historical client and to the passion of many collectors: it is a limited series of 25 cars, renamed “Aston Martin DB5 Goldfinger Continuation” and made in collaboration with the producers of the James Bond films, EON Productions .

Hand built in the same structure as Newport Pagnell which produced all 898 original models between 1963 and 1965, the 25 commemorative cars have the same Silver Birch paint, the same leather interior, color and texture, as the original, as well as the dashboard. And with many «out of catalog» accessories. In short, the car is a faithful replica of the first DB5 driven by Connery in the sixties, including the tricks created by Aston Martin and the special effects wizard Chris Corbould (Oscar winner in 2011 for the film Inception). It is equipped with a rear smoke-screen shooter, a system to alternate different plates, seat with passenger ejection mechanism, front machine guns hidden in the fenders, telescopic masts, oil-scattering jets, rams on the bumpers, retractable anti-bullet rear shield, nail spreader, and pneumatic ripping rivets. But everything is made harmless, of course.

“Aston Martin is attentive to authenticitySaid Paul Spiers, head of Aston Martin Works. “We have done everything to ensure that the equipment of the cars is as faithful as possible to that seen in the film. We commissioned the cockpit instrumentation from the same supplier who made the original instruments in the 1960s. They are essentially identical. ” More complex to apply the many (lethal) tools that helped Bond fight crime.

«The main challenge was to recreate the accessories of the world of cinema and transfer them to a consumer product, “explained Corbould al New York Times. «In the cinema we are licensed to cheat: for example, we can use four different cars to host four different gadgets. Obviously, we cannot afford that luxury in this case, since all gadgets must work on the same DB5 ». And many gadgets are outlawed: there will be no ejection seat, the oil and smoke spreaders emit “simulated” substances and the machine guns do not fire ammunition. “It would not be permitted by law,” explain the obvious in Aston Martin. “However, firearms seem to work, because they emit flashes of light and sound effects amplified by the speakers.”

Other accessories have been updated to modern times. Thus, the radar monitor, explains Spiers, “uses today’s satellite navigation mapping to show, like a flashing point of light in the center of the screen, the position of the car at any time, imitating the functionality of the car screen. in the film, “which had a static map of seven counties in southern England. Aston Martin is still working on the replica of the corded handset which in 1964 seemed revolutionary.

After Goldfinger, the car was also used in the subsequent film James Bond, always played by Sean Connery, Thunderball (1965). From here on, the film version of the special agent created by Ian Fleming preferred other cars, only to return to the DB5 when he was first played by Pierce Brosnan in GoldenEye (1995) Tomorrow never dies (1997) e The world is not enough (1999). Daniel Craig also got into the iconic car Casino Royale (2006), Skyfall (2012) e Specter (2015).

The Aston Martin DB5 Goldfinger Continuation is however beautiful and powerful, with a 4.0-liter naturally aspirated six-cylinder engine, which delivers up to 290 HP. Five-speed manual transmission and rear-wheel drive, with mechanical self-locking differential. A luxury toy with a cost of 3.97 million euros, excluding VAT. Deliveries are expected to begin in the second half of 2020. At the moment, however, the car is not approved for road use and it is not clear if it will ever be.

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