it’s “war” between Renato and Raffaele!


Advances “Un Posto al Sole Classic”, episode of 29 May 2020. The two brothers-in-law, Poggi and Giordano, clash for the use of the wi-fi line. Who will win it?

The replicas of “continueA Place in the Sun Classic“, Which proposes the storylines of the sixteenth edition of the fiction, broadcast in 2012, on Rai 3.

It is still unknown when it will be possible for the cast, production and workers to return to the set to restart shooting after the forced quarantine break due to Covid-19. However, according to what was said by Patrizio Rispo (Raffaele Giordano) in an interview, the green light could be there in early summer, with a new phase of pandemic management.

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In the meantime, what will we see again tonight, Friday 29 May 2020? Nunzio is about to fall into the trap organized by Alfonso Vitalebut fortunately, at the end, Vintariello jr. he stops in second thoughts and returns home. At the Palazzo Palladini Terrace he is waiting for him Franco. Boschiworried and nervous, he confronts the boy. The two have a tough fight. Regarding VitalAre we sure he will give up on his revenge plan? What will the young criminal still have in store? In the war between Raffaele and Renato that broke out for the possession of the wi-fi line, the first got the better of it. Guido feels a lot of nostalgia for Loredana and wants to come back with her. The two, however, must invent a way to live their story secretly from Virgilio

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A Place in the Sun Classic”, With the episodes and characters of the sixteenth edition of the Neapolitan soap, broadcast in 2012, airs from Monday to Friday from 8.45 pm to 9.10 pm on Rai 3.

From 11 May, on RaiPlay, Monday to Friday from 18 an exclusive spin-off is available online, “I stay at home for a while“, Which shows how the inhabitants of Palazzo Palladini and their” stable affections “are managing Phase 2 post lockdown (40 episodes in all).

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