it’s a fury 7 years of hell


In today’s episode of Men and women hell breaks loose when Gianni Sperti makes insinuations about Armando Incarnato and his ex Jeanette.

Armando Incarnato is definitely one of the most discussed protagonists of Men and women by Maria De Filippi. The knight has often been at the center of controversy and strong discussions with his former ladies. Even during today’s episode, Wednesday 27 May did not go differently. Armando has been accused of not telling the whole truth about his relationship with his ex-girlfriend Janette.

In the past few weeks we had shown you none shots posted by the two on their profile Instagram: same place same time. In full lockdown. Then they are spending the quarantine together, it was everyone’s thought. And social networks have naturally gone wild.

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Armando against Jeanette


Today Armando and Jeanette should have had a explanation, with Incarnate in the studio and the girl in connection. As expected, this confrontation has turned into a real one clash remotely, with the Knight of the Over Throne who even left the studio screaming.

When asked “did you spend the quarantine together” Armando explained that his ex had asked him to spend time at his house during the lockdown: Jeanette’s house is small, while Armando also has a garden.

Gianni Sperti does not believe the man’s story accuses him of to be in league with the girl.


Armando does not know that Janette is in connection and when the connection is opened it goes up and down:

“I spoke and said mine,” he shouted, declaring himself also very “tired: 7 years that has always done the same thing, 7 years of hell in my life and I found it here

referring to his ex.

But Gianni does not let him pass and reminds him that to be in transmission one must “be single. If in three years it insinuates that you are engaged to this girl we cannot ignore him. I don’t feel like it is your fault that they must say that the program is fake! You are the hypocrite. ”


While Gianni Sperti is particularly critical with Incarnato, the exipuberant Tina Cipollari she is much more direct with Jeanette, against whom she points her finger bluntly: “You always put him in trouble“.

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