Italy-Usa: mural in Rome in the Flaminio neighborhood for George Floyd, “justice is needed”


Rome, 29 May 13:03 – (Nova Agency) – George Floyd as the Statue of Liberty with a sign asking for justice and the Bill of Rights held in one hand. It is the new work of Harry Greb, the street artist known to the news for having created, in recent days, a mural in front of the Spallanzani hospital dedicated to those who could not embrace loved ones. On this occasion the artist intervened on the fact of the moment, the killing of the African American during a police check that sparked violent protests in Minneapolis. “I was impressed and outraged as a human being after watching the video where George Floyd dies on the street, alone,” said Harry Greb. “It is incredible that such events can still happen today, in the light of the day, with arrogance and arrogance, without limits. It is a shame because I believe that the United States is a great country, but they are victims of their contradictions” continues ‘artist. The mural is located in via USA, near the Olympic Village, in the Flaminio district. (RER) © Agenzia Nova – Reproduction reserved

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