Italy reopens on June 3: from the masks to the limited number of places, rules in random order in the regions


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Variable geometry design that forces citizens to inquire about local rules. Stop quarantine for Shengen citizens

by Nicoletta Cottone

Said and contradicted: the clash on the health passport

Variable geometry design that forces citizens to inquire about local rules. Stop quarantine for Shengen citizens

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After the nightlife alert scheduled for the bridge on June 2, Italy reopens on June 3. And reopen with a drawing with variable geometry which forces citizens to inquire about the local rules. And on June 3rd the quarantine requirement will fall 14 days for foreign citizens from Schengen countries and Great Britain. For the rest of European citizens, this obligation will fall from 15 June. The Higher Institute of Health recommends “caution especially when the movement of people on the national territory should increase in frequency and size “. The decree in force provides for the resumption of infraregional travel. Health Minister Roberto Speranza clarified that “at the moment there are no reasons to review the planned reopening of the trips. We will monitor the trend of the curve again in the next few hours ».

From Milano Marittima to Riccione, rules in no particular order

In short, everything is ready for the reopening of travel between regions. Although again the overlapping of ordinances creates confusion on the rules to be respected. In Venetofor example, the governor Luca Zaia has established that from June it will no longer be mandatory to wear a mask on the street: “If from Monday we see people walking without a mask they will not be outlawed”. The obligation remains, however, indoors or outdoors if it is not possible to keep the distance. So the “mask is kept in your pocket and used at the right time”, Zaia said. A portal is being studied to let people know where summer centers are available, a new ordinance for the world of entertainment. TO Milano Marittima, theater of the chronicle of last summer with the Papeete beach, from 9 pm the closed number starts. From Friday to Sunday (and on holidays and pre-holidays) you will enter the premises with the mask, a little at a time and according to capacity. And to manage the flow will be stewards, who will indicate to young people where to sit. Because you eat and drink only sitting at the table. Forbidden consumption outside a Riccione, which imposes the stop until July 31st. The sale of takeaway alcohol is prohibited after 7pm. A Bologna the stop starts from 22, a Domodossola from 19.30. The mayor of Pescara, Carlo Masci, has prohibited the sale for the removal of alcoholic beverages of any strength from 20 to 7 in the morning.

Different times and reservations

TO Pisa, in the two squares in the center, a destination for young people and students – Piazza delle Vettovaglie and Piazza S. Omobono – only those who have booked a table in the rooms inside will enter. TO Pesaro the order of the first citizen requires that from the 18 mandatory masks in the nightlife areas. Rule that a regional ordinance imposes throughout the Piedmont if you are in the city and in the commercial areas: only customers seated at the tables of the premises both inside and outside are exempted. To Arezzo the obligation to cover nose and mouth even if you are alone outdoors. TO Naples Mayor Luigi De Magistris has differentiated the opening hours of bars and clubs according to the areas in the city, to dilute the groupings of people.

Emiliano: entry notice in Puglia

“The time has come to reopen the country under normal conditions and the condition of fundamental normality is freedom of movement,” the president of the Puglia region told Sky TG24 Michele Emiliano. “If someone arrives in Puglia we could ask him for the courtesy, not the obligation, to report his presence and keep track of the contacts”. Currently in Puglia there is an obligation to quarantine, but Emiliano has anticipated that instead of the quarantine there will be the notification of entry into the region.

Toti, wise the decision to reopen from June 3rd

“As for the decision to reopen regional borders from June 3, there is little to say now, it was taken, it was a prerogative of the Government and I think it was a wise decision,” said the president of theLiguria Region Giovanni Toti to Rtl microphones. “As for the controversies about the reopening we are thinking in a field where no controversy is painless or free of problems,” he explained, “but the choice is not dictated by someone’s whim, it is dictated by the need to restart the country, I I believe there are conditions and that they are calculated risks ».

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