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ROME. Giuseppe Conte has decided, from Wednesday all regional borders will have to reopen: to overcome the resistance of southern governors, moral suasion and bilateral talks of ministers with the most refractory. But in the end the line to push the heart beyond the obstacle and to reopen everything, after a summit of the Prime Minister with the majority delegation heads, passes: from June 3 Italy will return to what it was three months ago before the lockdown. Always, in the «rigorous respect» of the measures of distance, hygiene and prohibition of assembly ». But again with the doors open. The government expects to have the go-ahead today from the conference of governors. And then Conte will announce. At the top with the heads of delegation all in agreement, but Di Maio also takes stock of the openings of the EU borders without the need for quarantine: an intricate knot, as shown by the example of Greece which excluded Italy from the list of tourists welcomed since 15 June.

Meanwhile, free movement in all regions, including Piedmont and Lombardy. The Dems are convinced of this, after a conclave of all the ministers; the Renzians are convinced of this; and the 5 stars too. So, free holidays around Italy, albeit with the necessary precautions, in a leopard spot: in Lerici in Liguria, parts of beaches reserved for residents, from Mondello beach in Palermo via the historic «huts» to avoid small huts . In Lombardy, unlike in Veneto, mandatory masks also outdoors.

Moreover, the numbers of the weekly monitoring from 18 to 24 May speak of an uneven situation between the regions, but also of a curve of contagions in descent. The transmissibility index Rt is less than 1 “in almost all regions” which are therefore low risk. Although in the incidence of cases per 100,000 inhabitants, Lombardy (which yesterday marked two thirds of national infections) is far above average. Followed by Piedmont, Trentino and further down by Emilia Romagna and Liguria. “Although the incidence of cases is very heterogeneous, critical situations are not currently reported in Italy,” reassures the Istituto Superiore di Sanità. Of course, the situation must not be let down because, as the president of ISS, Brusaferro has warned, “we expect a new wave in the autumn”. But the desire to leave the corner even in the eyes of the rest of the world is strong in the government. “The monitoring data are encouraging,” says Speranza to the heads of delegation gathered by Conte at Palazzo Chigi. Endorsing unconditional reopening for the Northwest regions. “From the weekly report I can say that in Piedmont we have no critical issues, we have no threshold values ​​and we do not have data that turn on warning lights,” says President Alberto Cirio.

The main concern of ministers in the trenches, such as Francesco Boccia, is to persuade reluctant governors to open borders to citizens of the North. Like Christian Solinas, who does not give up on the health passport for those arriving from outside. And Vincenzo De Luca. “It is reasonable that if there is a territory with a very high number of people infected, this must have limitations on mobility”, is his line. Boccia, who dismisses health licenses as impracticable, is opposed by the all-Sardinian stubbornness of Solinas. Who, however, from June 3 will have to open its beaches to Lombard and Piedmontese tourists as well. But the South is not all hostile to arrivals from the North: wide open doors of Calabria and Puglia, competing for the thousands of tourists to grab. “Milan is the second largest city in Puglia”, launches the hook Michele Emiliano. “I invite the Lombard tourists and the mayor Sala to come to Calabria”, is the counterpoint of Jole Santelli.

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