“Italy lower public debt” – Libero Quotidiano


Even the Recovery Fund, much desired by Giuseppe Conte, will be one. To say it plain and round is Lars Feld, adviser of nothing less than Angela Merkel who pronounces on the matter as follows: “The Fund is temporary. It will issue bonds, but they will not have a duration of more than ten years. We must not forget that they will be made compromises with the other Member States. And Austria, the Netherlands, Sweden and Denmark will ensure that this is a temporary initiative. It will also be part of the structural funds system. ” And again, in an interview with Repubblica: “They are not Eurobonds but guarantees of the States”.

Then the black-on-white admission, the one that our country knocked out by the coronavirus crisis did not want to be told: “Another compromise could impose conditionalities related to the European semester, that is, that clearer commitments are introduced for a reduction in public debt” . Otherwise, according to Feld, “we go from one crisis to another and Italy’s problem will only increase”. For Feld the point is this: “We cannot go on like this, without Italy in particular lowering the debt”. In short, our country must not make great illusions.

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