“Italy at the forefront of the fight against Covid”


“Humanity is going through one crisis that is unprecedented in size and scope: a crisis that knows no boundaries and spares no region, threatens public health but also challenges our social and economic systems. “So Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte, speaking at the event ‘Financing for development in the era of covid -19 and beyond ‘promoted by the United Nations, Canada and Jamaica.

“The virus has shown our global fragility – underlines the Prime Minister – We must now strengthen our recovery capacity and our health systems, but also protect and rebuild, on new foundations, our social and economic fabric. We must turn this crisis into an opportunity to transform our societies. ”

“International cooperation, the common vision and the solidarity of leaders across borders are fundamental to success. Italy will act accordingly: not only because we strongly believe in effective multilateralism, but also because we feel a special responsibility” in view of the “next presidency of the G20” says the prime minister.

“From the beginning, Italy has been at the forefront of the fight against Covid-19. During the height of the crisis, we have received great help from our international partners and friends – acknowledges the Prime Minister – In return, we want to make a key contribution to our collective efforts, as we have demonstrated with the launch and financing of the ‘Access to Covid-19 Tools Accelerator’. This is solidarity in action. ”

The virus could disproportionately affect developing countries, with devastating effects in the months and years to come. Five hundred million people could fall into poverty. The health crisis could turn into a food crisis, especially in Africa and in developing countries, “says Conte.

“These countries now need, more than ever, an additional fiscal space. In this spirit, Italy has promoted and joined the G20 debt suspension initiative” for the poorest countries. “We are ready to further support debt sustainability and ensure debt relief – he adds – In addition, we believe that Addis Ababa’s development finance and action agenda are key to promoting a sustainable future beyond Covid-19” .

The premier stresses that “we must strengthen all our financing instruments, maximize their impact and ensure that our investments and policies do not leave anyone behind. What unites us is greater than what keeps us separate. We will overcome this challenge through global leadership, cooperation and mutual responsibility. ”

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