“Italians with no vacationers? We are fine when you leave us illegal “- Libero Quotidiano


The cover of theElsevier Weekblad, the Dutch weekly, has been called “repulsive” by Giorgia Meloni. The Italians have in fact been described as “non-performing parasites who drink, stay on vacation and spend their time on social networks”, while the countries of Northern Europe run the shack. Also Matteo Salvini intervened on the question: “A Dutch newspaper portrays us as nothing to do with vacationers, to which we should not give even a cent. But yet, when it comes to recovering illegal immigrants from Dutch NGO ships, we are doing very well and do not move a finger … The same goes for those German newspapers that speak of ‘Italian Mafia’ and then send us the Carolas Rackete with their NGOs “. Then the invitation from the secretary of the League and the consequent stance: “When talking about Italy and Italians, rinse your mouth. We do not want the money of the Dutch or Germans, we simply want to use the money that Italy itself has given to Europe for years to help Italians. ”

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