Italians who have a mortgage are in trouble. The analysis


Italians who have a mutual I am going through hard times. To detect it is Bankitalia, in a report dedicated to families and contained in the Institute’s annual report led by Ignazio Visco.

More specifically, one can speak practically of 4 out of 10 people in serious difficulties in paying the installments, considering that the analysis reveals a 38% of families ready to report problems in meeting deadlines in April.

The reasons are inevitably to be found in the health emergency triggered by coronavirus:

“In April, 38% of borrowers said they had difficulties due to the Covid-19 epidemic, with a higher percentage among self-employed workers and those employed in the commerce and restaurant sector”,

reads the Bankitalia report.

Italians and mortgage: year to forget

For Bankitalia, the sector suffers the most commercial and that of the Restaurants, or those whose mortgages are linked to productive activities stalled during the lockdown.

With percentages recorded at 62 and 52%, practically more than half of Italians with restaurants or shops in mortgage showed difficulties in paying the installments.

Apparently a difficulty felt despite the suspension guaranteed by the Cura Italia decree, as taxpayers’ right governed by specific request and certain requirements.

The conclusions reached by the institute led by Ignazio Visco derive from an investigation carried out on a sample of over 3 thousand Italians, representative of all social and work categories:

“The suspension of production activities led to a marked deterioration of the economic condition for all households”,

notes Bankitalia in the report, especially with reference to restaurateurs and managers of commercial activities.

The private savings it is not enough, especially in cases where the management costs of a commercial or production activity in any case remain, even in the face of a partial or total block of work.

The emergency condition even goes up to the report of one Italian out of two in cases of fixed-term employment contracts, or households whose income has declined significantly due to the pandemic.

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