“Italians like parasites”, writes Meloni in a Dutch weekly





Italians as parasites, anger Meloni on the Dutch weekly

“Repulsive cover of theElsevier Weekblad, the main Dutch weekly. The Italians and citizens of Mediterranean Europe are depicted as non-performing parasites who drink, stay on vacation and spend their time on social networks while the citizens of Northern Europe run the whole hut, work hard and never stop “. the president of Fratelli d’Italia, Giorgia Meloni.

“We do not accept lessons from these gentlemen and from Holland, which has created a tax haven in Europe and drains resources to all other Member States. Fratelli d’Italia asks Minister Di Maio to summon the Dutch ambassador to Rome today and demand an immediate apology. And we await the condemnation of all the Italian political forces, starting with those who blather about Europeanism and in Europe are allies of Prime Minister Rutte “.

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