Italians dream of cities of art and B&B for holidays


Thursday 21 May 2020 – 14:52 Italians dream of art cities and B & Bs for the holidays

Survey compared to 2019 preferences

Rome, 21 May (askanews) – Travels may have also been paused during this unprecedented period, but data reveals that the pandemic did not stop Italians from fantasizing about their future travel possibilities. Over the past two months has analyzed millions of “wish lists” of confident travelers, with facilities listed in over 100,000 different destinations since the beginning of March, to share what’s in the dreams of people who can’t wait that the right time comes to return to travel.

Bali, Andalusia, London, Florida and Paris continue to be at the forefront of the dreams of travelers around the world, but it is domestic tourism that occupies more than half (51%) of the “wish lists” globally, with a 18% difference compared to 2019 data in the same period (33%). The figure increases if you look at Italy, where travel at national level represents 61% of the wishes of Italians, while in 2019 they were at 53%.

Since the beginning of March, the national destinations that have been selected several times in the Italian wish lists are Rome, Florence, Naples, Milan and Venice. This highlights that cities of art rank first in the imagination of travelers, probably attracted to large cities after weeks of isolation. The comments and reviews on relating to these cities of art, indicate that their charm lies in culture, monuments and in the possibility of enjoying long walks through different historical periods: all experiences that Italians probably do not see time to experiment again.

At an international level, the scenario does not change, Great Britain and some large European cities are at the center of Italian desires. London tops the list, followed by Paris (France), Barcelona (Spain), Amsterdam (Holland) and New York (United States), while Lisbon (Portugal), Marrakech (Morocco) and Prague (Czech Republic). In general, in the imagination of Italians the most desired countries are Italy, Spain, Greece, France and the United States of America.

When it comes to dreaming a new experience and living an experience of staying away from home, the types of accommodation most sought after by Italians are hotels, apartments, Bed & Breakfasts and guest houses. It is interesting to underline that the Bed & Breakfasts are in third place of the typology of accommodation preferred by the Italians (10%) with a notable difference compared to the overall figure (3%).

Arjan Dijk,’s Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer, said: “These are unprecedented times when security remains the top priority. We also know that in such moments, even dreaming of exploring the world again has the immense power to detonate our imagination and keep spirits high. It is amazing to see the range of different travel experiences that our customers have been busy dreaming about while waiting for us to be able to travel again. Building a wish list on is a stimulating way for everyone to start dreaming about traveling again, and we are working hard to make it easy for our users to turn those dreams into reality when the time is right. ”


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