Italiana wins a one million Picasso with a given ticket


An Italian lady won a Picasso worth one million euros thanks to a lottery ticket received as a gift. The coupon, which cost one hundred euero, had been purchased at the charity lottery organized by the French association Aider les autres, that with this initiative he raised more than five million euros. Proceeds from ticket sales will be used by the NGO Care for the construction and restoration of wells, washing plants and toilets in villages and schools in Africa, improving the lives of over 200 thousand people.The first edition of the award, “One hundred euros for a picasso”, was won in 2013 by Jeffrey Gonano, a 25-year-old American from Wexford, Pennsylvania, project manager in a company that deals with fire-fighting sprayers. Since then, six years of emptiness, now the new edition of the charity prize won by an Italian.
The lady, unidentified for now, will receive the painting of the great Pablo Picasso, an oil on canvas representing a newspaper and a glass of absinthe on a table. “Picasso would have loved an operation like this, because he was very involved in humanitarian and social causes,” said Peri Cochin, organizer of the sale, speaking from the auction room of Christies in Paris, where the extraction of the ticket took place winning. “Everything was delayed because of Covid, which made it clear to us how important clean water is, without which you cannot wash your hands,” said Cochin, reconnecting to Care’s aid projects in Africa .

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