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If you are going to travel to America, then it is good that you know and respect their rules, even with regard to driving cars. There are some doubts today inherent to the international driving license, if it is mandatory or if you just need an Italian driving license for drive in the United States. Let’s see some useful tips and information to clarify the matter.

Italian driving license in the USA, is it valid?

To drive in the United States and to rent a car all you need is an Italian driving license valid. If you have an international driving license in accordance with the 1949 Geneva Convention, then the advice is to combine it with your normal driving license, so that any police checks can be simpler and faster. With the Italian driving license you can drive in all countries that are part of the European Union, but also in other non-European and European countries outside the Union.

International driving license in the USA: validity

There are two different models of international driving licenses, in the United States of America you need that in accordance with the Geneva Convention of 1949, which has a validity of only one year, after which it must be redone again, it cannot be renewed and all costs must be incurred again. To be able to drive in the USA, however, you don’t necessarily need an international driving license, but for any check, remember to always bring your passport with you.

In any case, the international driving license in accordance with the 1949 Geneva Convention is valid in all the United States of America, without any distinction. It is not essential, however, we repeat that the Italian driving license, valid in any situation, may be enough, therefore both for driving your vehicle and for renting a car. The international driving license could be used only and exclusively in case of an extended stay, not tied to a tourist situation.

International driving license for the United States: how to apply

There are two different routes in order to apply for an international driving license for the United States:

  • at the offices of the Vehicle registration, going there independently;
  • using i ACI services, which however require additional costs.

In the first case, the procedure is as follows:

  • first you need the appropriate model TT746 located in the offices themselves;
  • need then the receipt of the payment equal to 10.20 euro to be made on the c / c 9001 from the bulletin, the receipt of the payment equal to 16.00 euro on the c / c 4028, both bulletins are in the post office or at the Motorization, a brand € 16.00 stamp duty, 2 passport photos, one of which is authenticated, a photocopy of the front and back of the valid Italian driving license.

Using ACI services instead:

  • first you need to know that you pay a surcharge for the management of the practice that facilitates the time, the total cost is approximately 76.00 euros;
  • are required 2 passport photos, one of which is authenticated, a valid Italian driving license, a valid Identity Card and a Tax Code.

The advice is to make the request, in any of the two alternative procedures, at least two months before of need. Although the delivery times of the document have shortened in recent years, it is always good not to arrive at the last moment and then risk not receiving your international driving license before leaving for the United States. Recall that the Italian driving license, in case you go to the USA for tourism, is sufficient.

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