Italian Cup, proposed by the League to calm Inter. Juve opposed


Possible a proposal that includes reversing and playing first Napoli-Inter and then Juve-Milan

Italian football has set the dates for the second half. It will start with the Italian Cup and this decision has already raised many controversies. According to Corriere della Sera, a new solution would be under consideration:

“The semi-finals, the first act of Phase three, are still shrouded in mystery. The League asked to bring them forward by one day, starting on Friday 12 June. Spadafora, Minister of Sports, is in favor but before giving the go-ahead, the blessing of the Minister of Health Hope is also needed. In via Rosellini, while waiting, they meditate to reverse the order of the matches, first Napoli-Inter and then Juventus-Milan. The move could calm the hot spirits of the Nerazzurri and Conte, potentially forced to play three games in 7 days after three months of inactivity, but it could make Juventus angry. “




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