Italian Cup, final on June 17th! Game location chosen


The 2019-2020 Italian Cup final will take place on 17 June. This was reported by the Minister of Sport, Vincenzo Spadafora.

The Italian Cup will resume before Serie A: return of the semifinals (Napoli-Inter and Juventus-Milan) on 13 and 14, the final will be played in Rome June 17th. It is the outcome of the meeting between the government and the world of football. The sports minister, Vincenzo Spadafora, explained the terms of the decision: “Very useful meeting with all the components as we said the football would have restarted when there would have been all the safety conditions and when the CTS would have given us all the ok “.

“Now the country is starting up again, the sport is starting up again. The CTS has approved the protocol for the competitive recovery and confirmed the indispensable necessity of the fiduciary quarantine in case a player should prove positive. The other thing is that the need of the tampons provided for footballers who must in no way harm the needs of all Italian citizens and without preferential routes of any kind. I asked the Football Federation what would be done if the championship resumed and the health emergency returned. assured that there is a plan B and C, playoff-playout and crystallization of the ranking. I personally hope that a positive signal can be given to the whole country with the matches of the Italian Cup. That would be clear: it would be a restart from three important competitions for the benefit of all Italians “, reported the minister.

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