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May 27, 2020The new 2020 calendar has been launched: the dates of the meetings. Italian championships, here are the specialties between Padua and Modena. Funds coming for companies. Golden Gala at the Stadio dei Marmi in Rome

The Federal Council met today by videoconference, together with the presidents of the Regional Committees, to discuss and resolve on the numerous and complex measures dedicated to restarting the business, supporting the affiliated companies and the new calendar of the competitive season. The meeting was also an opportunity to welcome the Secretary General Fabio Pagliara. The works were inaugurated by FIDAL president Alfio Giomi who made official the new venue of the Golden Gala Pietro Mennea for 2020: the Roman stage of the Wanda Diamond League, scheduled for Thursday 17 September, will be held in the suggestive setting of the Stadio dei Marmi in Rome, with the decisive organizational support of Sport and Health. “The 2020 edition of the Golden Gala will become a real restart image for all Italian sport – the words of the federal president – but at this moment I also want to publicly thank the Campania Region and the Municipality of Naples for the support that we have they guaranteed in the project that should have brought this year’s edition to San Paolo in Naples “.

Giomi then went into the issues of the Council: “We immediately tried to imagine how to get out of this very hard moment, and we have always worked with a view to being ready to start again: we are doing everything to keep the business going. despite the Covid-19 emergency, facing a wall of difficulty. Today we are inaugurating a new phase with clear timing. We accomplish something impressive, which has never been done before, and we do it with a full spirit of collaboration with the Regional Committees “. The technical director Antonio La Torre also spoke at the opening to underline the massive work carried out by the technical structure with the AtleticaViva Online platform which hosted over 100 tutorials by the blue athletes and 60 national webinars with 7500 appearances.

COMPANY: FIRST FUNDS NOW – One of the main topics on the agenda was that relating to the plan of interventions in favor of the companies, for which a sort of double track was arranged: defining, on the one hand, the distribution criteria for allocating the funds already foreseen in the 2020 budget (which amount to 1,238,000 euros), and on the other hand, trace the way on how to allocate the new resources that will be available. Resources resulting both from savings on the current forecast document and from the use of the consolidated result for the year 2019. Specifically, as regards the portion already allocated: the 2019 rankings will be confirmed for the Quality and Continuity Project (over 320 thousand euros), with 50% of the funds that will be distributed immediately; a further 500 thousand euros will be distributed to the clubs on the basis of the first 24 classified among the students and juniors, the first 12 among the promises, the first 16 among the absolute, in the respective Italian championships, and the first 36 companies classified at the Italian team championships . Among the other measures that will contribute to the upstream resources in favor of sports associations, it should be noted that 50% of the 2019 administration surplus, and 100% of the 2020 surplus, will remain available to the Regional Committees for interventions in the area, and the already announced extension to the whole of 2021 of the validity of the membership cards for the promotional categories (Beginners, Boys, Cadets) signed for 2020.

BUDGET CHANGE – The Federal Council has given the green light to the second change note to the 2020 Budget, equal to 2,241,742 euros between lower costs and lower revenues, the result of a long and detailed work of the directors Sabrina Fraccaroli and Matteo De Sensi with the support of federal offices. “An operation that aims to secure the federal budget, affecting 85 cost items – the words of President Giomi – but without foreseeing any cut for companies: it is a sign of great attention and respect for our associates” .

INDIVIDUAL AND TEAM ITALIAN CHAMPIONSHIPS ON TRACK – The Federal Council, also approving the extension of the suspension of the competitive activity until 14 June 2020, in compliance with the Prime Minister’s Decree of 17 May 2020, confirmed the 2020 calendar scheme that had been proposed by the working group on Regulations and Calendar coordinated by the Federal President Alfio Giomi, and composed of the Vice-President Vicar Vincenzo Parrinello, the Directors Oscar Campari and Elio De Anna, supported in the task by the Technical Management and the Organization Area. These are the dates and locations:

Individual and Team Championships (1st round) a Padua: August 28-29-30

Individual and Team Championships – Endurance Party (2nd round) a Modena: 17-18 or 24-25 October

Individual and Team Championships Students Rieti: 11-12-13 September

Junior Championships / Individual Promises and U23 in Teams a Grosseto: 18-19-20 September

Individual Master Championships ad Arezzo: 9-10-11 October

MOUNTAIN – Also define the dates for the recovery of some mountain running events. The Long Distance Master and Master Championships a Chaste (BS) are scheduled for October 4th, following WMRA’s request.

NATIONAL MEETING CALENDAR – The new calendar of the Meeting 2020 Project was approved, still nearing completion. On this issue, it should be remembered that the Technical Department is defining further national and regional meetings based on the resumption of activity by top athletes.

, July 16

Castiglione della Pescaia (GR), July 25

TriesteAugust 1

Nembro (BG), August 5 (awaiting confirmation by early June)

Lignano (UD) 18 August (waiting for confirmation by early June)

Rovereto (TN), September 8

Padua, September 13

Conegliano (TV), September 27

Chiari (BS), 27 September (Cadetti / Allievi national youth meeting)

ABSOLUTES, THE TECHNICAL PROGRAM – Green light also for the new regulation of the 2020 Italian Championships. Italian and foreign athletes who have acquired the qualification of “Italian equivalent”, belonging to the Seniores, Promises, Juniors and Students categories, who in the current competitive season, can participate in the Absolutes (also indoors) and in the previous one (also indoors) have achieved technical results equal to or better than the minimum participation A required, to be achieved within the week preceding the event.



Flat strokes: 100-200-400-800

Obstacle courses: 110-400

Jumps: high-pole-long-triple

Throws: weight-disc-hammer-javelin

Relay: 4×100

Multiple trials: Decathlon


Flat strokes: 100-200-400-800

Obstacle courses: 100-400

Jumps: high-pole-long-triple

Throws: weight-disc-hammer-javelin

Relay: 4×100

Multiple tests: Heptathlon



Half-distance races: 1500-5000-10.000

Running with hedges: 3000

March: 10 km (road)


Half-distance races: 1500-5000-10.000

Running with hedges: 3000

March: 10 km (Road) (Annarita Sidoti Trophy)

With regard to the 4×400 relay, please refer to further details.

VICE SECRETARY DELEGATIONS – The functions performed by the Secretary General in matters of collegial bodies, federal papers, organs of justice, legal affairs, running project, and to the Vice-Secretary Marco Sicari the functions performed by the Secretary General in matters of personnel affairs, operation, innovation and digitization.

MASTER’S DEGREE – Among the resolutions, also to propose to EMA the candidacy of Grosseto to host the European Non-Stadia Championships of 2022, advanced by the company Asd Track and Field Master Grosseto.

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