“It will reveal everything on Anm, Csm and toga chat” – Libero Quotidiano


There will be also Luca Palamara tonight a It is not the Arena. Colpaccio by Massimo Giletti, who at the last second convinced the former PM of the ANM and member of the CSM to intervene at the center of the wiretapping scandal that is shaking the Italian judiciary, the press and politics. As far as we learn, Palamara will have her say on the chats of her phone made public in the last weeks and will reveal the logic of the current within the CSM and the ANM.

Giletti will continue the investigation tonight’s episode on the shaded areas surrounding the case of boss release due to the health emergency and the Dap. We will also talk about the pm Nino Di Matteo which, waiting to be heard in the national anti-mafia commission, does not go back a millimeter on the case of the nomination as head of the Dap offered and then withdrawn by the Minister of Justice Alfonso Bonafede. Rather. Di Matteo relaunches and confirms everything he said in the phone call with Giletti a few weeks ago. We will also discuss the shocking revelations of the mayor of Naples and the former PM De Magistris against the CSM. Giletti will also talk about what has become a real storm that hits justice with Luca Telese, Nunzia De Girolamor, Alfonso Sabella, the same De Magistris and Alessandro Sallusti.

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