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We finally play. The go – ahead from the Government to the resumption of the A league puts the road downhill and clears the field of controversy over the past few weeks. The restart of the championship (desired by the top of the football also to limit the economic damage caused by the forced stop) is no longer just a hypothesis but a fact. We also start again to contain the financial gap resulting from the health emergency. What are the calendar dates and match times? It will start from the Italian Cup, which will therefore not be “sacrificed” with the Serie A championship which will reopen its doors on June 20

The schedule for the resumption of football starts with the Italian Cup on 13 June

Contrary to what was initially assumed, Italian football will restart with the semi-finals of the Italian Cup, that is Napoli-Inter and Juventus-Milan. The two games will be distributed between 13 and 14 June, with the final scheduled for 17 June. Good news for the second national competition which, in light of the tight times, seemed destined to be sacrificed, also in light of the post-championship need to dedicate itself to the European Cups in late August.

Serie A will restart on June 20

Serie A (as well as Serie B) will officially restart instead on June 20. With which games? This will be decided definitively by the League Assembly scheduled for tomorrow, and the possibility of starting with the four challenges valid for the recovery of the 25th day is not to be excluded. AtalantaSassuolo, Hellas VeronaCagliari, InterSampdoria is turinParma. In this way, a few days later you can resume with the 27th day, with all the teams “aligned” and with the same number of matches played.

The new Serie A will be played every day

We will go on the pitch at a fast pace (even 3 matches a week) to ensure that Serie A can continue regularly until July 26 (an indicative date compared to the official indications that set the “dead line” to August 20), leaving free some slots to store also the Italian Cup before the big bandwagon of the Cups starts again in August (Juventus, Napoli, Atalanta, Inter and Roma are still in contention between Champions and Europa League). Last question on the table, the time of the matches. The Assocalciatori has made it known that playing matches at 4.30 pm is not an option to be taken into consideration due to the weather conditions. That’s why other bands have been identified: at 17 / 17.30, at 19.15 and at 21.30.

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