“It was the poison of the left, anti-Berlusconism its antidote to the **” – Libero Quotidiano


Massimo Cacciari

Massimo Cacciari doesn’t go there for reading. The philosopher and former mayor of Venice cannot fail to notice a certain freezing of reformism in Italy. The reason? “It was the record of the parties of the first Republic, which reached a senile phase, it was the sensational errors combined by the only leader who could have a future, Bettino Craxi” he explains to ufficiooff.it. For Cacciari, in essence, these are “complementary and opposite errors to those of the then Communist Party, which generated Berlusconi, and from there, anti-Berlusconism”.

The poison of the left “was Berlusconi. Anti-Berlusconi was the antidote to the ** c!”. The philosopher admits that “Berlusconi was not to be fought either with that, much less with compromises under the table. Any reformism, right or left, has been beaten and passed the ball to new reformisms. Who knows what they will combine …”. According to Cacciari the premises are there, but at the moment only those, nothing more.

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