“It was the government’s job to make the red zone in Nembro and Alzano”. Lombardy, Conte signed coronavirus massacre? – Free newspaper


It was up to the government to establish a red zone ad They raise Lombardo is Nembro, The governor of Lombardy Attilio Fontana he explained to the prosecutors of Bergamo in the hearing as an informed person of the facts because the two municipalities of the Bassa Valseriana where in the first days of March there was a boom of coronavirus infections were not “protected” properly. According to what has been learned, the Northern League governor in the 2 and a half hours in front of the prosecutors Silvia Marchina and Paolo Mandurino who are investigating for culpable epidemic he would also have denied having suffered pressures from Confindustria for the red zone in Valseriana.

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The questions of the magistrates would also have touched the chapter of the regional resolution that he gave to rsa the possibility of welcoming Covid patients who are no longer serious as well as managing the first aid of Alzano where precautions would not have been taken in the first phase of the emergency to avoid the risk of admixtures between Covid patients and other patients. “The president of the Lombardy Region – explained his lawyer, the lawyer Jacopo Pensa – was summoned by the prosecutors as an informed person of the facts with the authentic spirit of listening to a person who contributed to increasing their knowledge on the events related to Coronavirus. The governor helped clear up any doubts. “

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