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To approve the plan of the EU Commission on Recovery Fund unanimity between member countries will be needed. And theHolland has already passed: “The positions are far away, so the negotiations will take time – let the government led by the premier-hawk know Mark Rutte, the hardest with Italy since the beginning of the emergency coronavirus -. It is difficult to think that this proposal will be the end result of those negotiations. “Bad news for Giuseppe Conte is Roberto Gualtieri: they cannot (yet) say it, but that money (26 billion in grants, net of the increase in contributions to be paid to Brussels) could solve many problems.

Holland is not the only country to curb the agreement. The Commission made a “constructive” proposal, explains the German chancellor Angela Merkel, “that we will have to accompany and on which we will have to consult, there are many questions still open”. And for theAustria of the young premier Sebastian Kurz the EU Commission proposal is a “starting point”. In short, the road will be long when instead those aids would be needed immediately. Merkel has set a goal: thenext autumn, “so that it can take effect within the first January 2021“Who knows if Italian entrepreneurs will be able to get there unscathed.

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