it is required by 22 countries including Italy


An important piece is approaching the launch of the Immuni app, chosen by the Italian government to track coronavirus infection and scheduled for late May. Apple and Google have officially delivered the final version of their technology to the 22 governments that have requested it, including Italy, now it is up to the latter to finalize it. While awaiting the document that the Minister of Health Roberto Speranza must deliver to the Privacy Guarantor for the impact assessment of the app.

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Phase 2, movements only between safe Regions and the borders are closed by the State
Coronavirus, all Italian health data on the electronic file, even without consent

And there is no shortage of critical rumors. “The app is not enough, the” three T “strategy is missing, that is,” testing, tracing and treating “, explains Stefano Ruffo, director of Sissa in Trieste. »We have worked with health authorities around the world who will decide how to use this technology«, say Apple and Google who have collaborated since April 10 to create an interface (API) that governments will integrate on their applications »to make them work better« su both their iOS and Android operating systems. The fundamental component of this technology is the notification of exposure to the infection that will be »voluntary, anonymous and respectful of privacy«. And it will use low impact bluetooth on the smartphone battery which will allow the exchange of digital keys between the devices, (therefore anonymously) that have come into contact at close range and for a certain period of time Users will have to explicitly choose whether to activate the notifications of exposure to infection, as well as the inclusion of a positive diagnosis will be voluntary. The identities of the users will not be known to anyone, the correspondence of the exposure notifications will be performed only on the device.

Finally, the technology has been delivered by Apple and Google exclusively to official public health authorities, it will be deactivated on a regional basis when it is no longer needed. In Italy, as explained by the government, it will cease by December 31, 2020. “The Italian application uses the operating systems provided by two groups of international level because this increases their efficiency in a framework of protection of privacy”, comments the minister Innovation, Paola Pisano, who underlines how the system “also increases the chances of making the Italian app interoperable with others used abroad”. A few days ago the ministry made clear the specifications of the Immuni app that awaited this latest technological piece from Apple and Google. In particular, the first access will require the user – who must be at least 14 years old – to enter the province of reference. To arrive at the definitive launch, the ‘impact assessment document for the protection of personal data remains on which the Ministry of Health is working. It will shortly be delivered to the Privacy Guarantor for the planned evaluation. As far as we learn, the app should be ready in late May with an experimentation phase that should be swift. »The app helps in identifying asymptomatic contacts, but the practical work, that people have to do, the app does not,« explains the director of the International School of Advanced Studies (Sissa), Stefano Ruffo.

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