it is a key date, caution is needed


Lombardia, Gallera: «Reopening? Key date June 8 »

The Councilor for Welfare of the Lombardy region Giulio Gallera on the subject of reopenings between regions calls for caution: «Reopening of the Lombardy? Prudence, the key date is theJune 8». “There’s a government, there are indicators collected at national level, we all work together. I say that it still takes caution to understand if we are in a new and different phase or not, “he says Gallera speaking of the possible reopening of regional borders the 3 June, explaining that “to make an overall assessment of what is the spread” of the infections later in the reopening of the phase 2 “The cardinal date is theJune 8». Gallera he talked about it on the sidelines of the inauguration of the new intensive care of the Sacco hospital in Milan.

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Reopening regions, there is the Lombardy risk: the rate of infection is too high

Gallera three hours from the pm for the missed red zone in Bergamo

Gallera: Lombardy region that gives the best data, no to summary judgments ». «We are the Region that provides the best data, even with all the assessments of the beginning of the symptoms, solid, punctual, detailed, from the beginning we have been very transparent. Now that GIMBE giving totally inappropriate summary judgments is wrong and not allowed. ” It is the replica of Gallera to the analysis of the Gimbe Foundation, who yesterday raised the “suspicion that the Lombardy he adjusted the data, “pointing out some” oddities. ” Statements which then led to the reaction of the Region, which announced a lawsuit. “Today – the councilor explained on the sidelines of the inauguration of the new intensive care pavilion of the Sacco hospital in Milan -, the data of the Higher Institute of Health (ISS) are coming out. We send them every week. In our opinion, there is an indicator system that can be improved, but let those who know how to do this job do it». Gallera said he was sorry for the controversy with Gimbe: I’m sorry – he said – because Nino Cartabellotta», the president of the Foundation, I’ve always met him, he’s a serious person and Gimbe a solid foundation. But if the evaluations are made on the screens that are given and not on the data that are provided with great punctuality», for Gallera it is wrong and not allowed».

In Lombardyhe added, “we are doing extensive and comprehensive screening activities. The government started with the seroprevalence study and did a few hundred tests “at the moment,” we are already at more than 150 thousand serological tests on health workers, on people. It is clear that the more we go looking for and broaden the spectrum, the more certain situations emerge. We are doing an in-depth job in Lombardy ».

«I believe that a comparison of the Government with the Regions would be appropriate» before a decision is taken on the reopening of regional borders on June 3 said the governor Giovanni Toti this afternoon from ‘Tagadà’ on La7. We must reopen everything except for what the government has already foreseen on June 15th – said Toti -. All Regions should reopen, absolutely yes: if we do not reopen Lombardy, Liguria and Piedmont, that is the industrial triangle of the country, we are not talking about anything».

New intensive care pavilion at the Sacco in Milan. From today, the Sacco Hospital in Milan has a new pavilion dedicated to intensive care created thanks to a donation of 3 million euros which has allowed the restructuring and supply of the most modern technologies. The cutting of the ribbon was attended by the Deputy Minister of Economic Development, Stefano Buffagni, the Deputy Minister of Health, Pierpaolo Sileri, the Councilor for Welfare of the Lombardy Region, Giulio Gallera, the Councilor for Social and Housing Policies of the Municipality, Gabriele Rabaiotti and the archbishop of Milan, monsignor Mario Delpini.

The new structure was built by Ceetrus Italy in partnership with the ImmobiliarEuropea and Sal Service. During the inauguration, a greeting was read by the Prime Minister, Giuseppe Conte. The Prime Minister expressed his appreciation to the Sacco hospital for his commitment to managing the Covid 19 epidemic. I am deeply grateful to all the staff and medical staff. In this moment of extraordinary administration to combat the pandemic, the commitment of healthcare structures and companies, the desire for cooperation between public health and private entrepreneurship are indispensable tools to ensure adequate levels of assistance to citizens “.

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